Artist Statement
Karina Conen

Translating into canvas what I am, what I think and what I feel: that is my challenge every day.

I am a visual artist. Painting is what gives me meaning. I studied piano, dance, writing and graphic design, but it was finally painting that allowed me to express myself freely, with no limitations other, than those imposed by the laws of art and mystery.

My main sources of inspiration are the colors that I observe in nature and their combinations, contemporary dance, music, which is rhythm and movement, the places I visit, and my readings.

My beginnings combined drawing and oil painting with abstract shapes and brightly colored planes, reminiscent of the avant-garde of the 20th century.
Curves, planes and delineating black lines, studies of color and the use of light, give rise to still lifes, ports and landscapes, referring to abstract cubism.

The language of expressionism captivated me for several years with its own poetics and the colors of the earth.
Collage helped me break old structures and formalisms to reassemble something new, unique and of my own.

Arriving at the current image was a long process of looking within, to find in my depths that, with which I felt identified.

In my current work emerge geometric figures, movement, vital rhythms, elements that dialogue and rest in tension. Solid shapes, with presence and an unstable balance, which are linked in fleeting contacts.

Forces that tense and cancel each other. Symphonies of color that dance, flow and bond with one another.

Color, as the protagonist, appears in energetic and vibrant compositions that exude emotion and vitality, with all its beauty. The simple and the essential.

How do we relate to each other? How unstable is our apparent equilibrium? Do we have an internal force that struggles to stay balanced? Is there an unstable balance in our contemporary relationships?

My art speaks of all this. 

Karina Conen 2023©